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My name is Francisco, and I am a native of Quito, Ecuador. For more than 20 years, I have been assisting visitors and new residents to Ecuador in their needs for both visiting and settling in our beautiful country. My expertise is extremely wide-ranging, including my extensive knowledge of the history, culture, and heritage of my country, but also my ability to guide you in real estate and investment matters. My services range from simple escorted tours of the country to working with you in locating both residential and commercial properties for rent or purchase. I have been of assistance to members of the gay community in showing them places they want to go. Exposing my clients to the gay community and businesses of Ecuador and giving them an understanding of the total gay experience of my country.

I am completely at your disposal for whatever needs you may have from tourism to business and real estate investment. It does not matter if it is a weekend holiday or a month or more in Ecuador, I have the facility and expertise to be of total service for your needs.

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  1. Francisco,

    "Ecuador is not for everybody," is an understatement.

    Actually, Ecuador is not for most.

    I love it here, many others do too, but it's a big change from the conveniences of North American Walmart-land.

    Don't move to Ecuador if you couldn't live without hunting. I grew up hunting pheasant and rabbit in Northeast Ohio. It was a great excuse to be outside with friends and family in one of the nicest times of the year in that area, fall. But I don't miss it. I can live without it. In Ecuador guns are illegal and unless you get in with the right tribes in the Amazon, your chances of game hunting in Ecuador are slim (its generally illegal).

    Don't move to Ecuador if you're an avid golfer. Some of my fondest memories in High School were of golf outings with friends, but then I went to college and I just didn't have the opportunity and then I moved abroad shortly after and have had even less opportunity. But I don't miss it. No big deal for me. Not much golf in Ecuador, the few courses there are down here are private meaning you MUST know a member to play.

    Don't move to Ecuador if you are a snow skier. I'm a skier, since I was 3 years old actually, but I've skied so much in my life already I'm good.

    Don't move to Ecuador if you're a jogger. Try jogging in the street of Ecuador, go ahead, i dare you. Within minutes you will be charged by street dogs or twist an ankle on uneven sidewalks. It's just not very doable. Treadmills are the norm.

    Don't move to Ecuador if you are a light-sleeper. Between the car alarms, roosters, dogs and spontaneous parties thrown by neighbors and the unwillingness of the police to help. It's just not a good place for a sound sleep unless you are NOT a light sleeper (like me) or you put a lot of acreage between you and the locals or find the right respectful condo building.

    Don't move to Ecuador if you are a die-hard scuba-diver. Besides the Galapagos, there's better places for divers.

    Don't move to Ecuador if you are single and you like tall blonds (male or female), the Ecuador prototype is different.

    Don't move to Ecuador if you're a car lover. Due to the import restrictions there is very little variety of vehicles in Ecuador and a lot of the classics are simply not found here.

    Don't move to Ecuador if you are super tall. This place is just not built for you.n I'm not tall, at 5 ft 6 I'm the perfect Ecuador height. But it has occurred to me many times if I were taller I would be hitting my head all the time.

    Don't move to Ecuador if you need a job. It's not a good place to find a job, and if you did find one they don't pay much here. It's much better for entrepreneurs.

    So why should you move to Ecuador?

    Heck if I know. If you need me to give you reasons, you probably wouldn't come anyway. So I'll let others blow that smoke up your a$$.

    Hasta pronto,

    Dom Buonamici