domingo, 14 de julio de 2013


Francisco Guayasamin was our guide while in Ecuador. Yes, he knew his the culture and politics very well with various options for travel and lodging. He gave Alex and me a plethera of activities to experience while in Ecuador.

He is a marvelous guide. He knows a lot about tourism but he is quite knowledgeable about becoming a citizen and getting a bank account. What is happening is lawyers are hiking their prices on wealthy EXPATS and expats who have property are taking advantage of expats who are moving their as they are pushing cost up. He has assisted many gay expats and they continue to go to him for things they don't understand. He refers to the expats as his children.

I like Alausi which is a small town in the highlands. I love Cuenca, which is in the highlands (about 8,200 ft. above sea level) offers more activity and gay community. I went to their Gay Pride Celebration while there.

Talk with Francisco to see how he can accommodate you. He more than met my expectations. He had an agenda to follow BUT he was flexible as we made changes in some areas which I don't regret. We were together night and day for 15 days. He is more like extended family. (He introduced a handsome professional man to me and we hit it off.) Ecuadorians are kind, loving, and accommodating people.

I like the people that Francisco introduced to me. They are all professional and friendly. Thank you for the experiences you gave me, oh!!! and the handsome cyclist, unforgettable.

Glenn Owen

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  1. Although I've lived in Ecuador for over 3 years, I still feel 1/2 and 1/2, so here's my annual reprint of the night before Christmas with an Ecuadorian touch (OK so it's actually TexMex, sue me!).

    'Tis the noche before Christmas, Y all through the casa,
    Not a creature is stirring, ¡Caramba! ¿Qué pasa?
    The stockings are hanging con mucho cuidado
    In hopes that San Nicolas will feel obligado
    To leave a few cosas aqui and alli
    For Chico y Chica (Y something for me).
    Los niños are snuggled all safe in their camas
    (Some in vestidos and some in pajamas)
    Their poco cabezas all full of good things
    They're all esperando que Santa will bring.
    Papa in a tee shirt is making tamales,
    While buñuelos' aroma wafts down the hall.
    Mama at la estufa stirs up chile rojo
    For Tamales que Santa will enjoy y cómo!
    La familia is feliz, Tree lights gleam bright
    Merry Christmas a todos, Y a todos, good night.