domingo, 5 de mayo de 2013


My name is Al Walles. I am an American living in Quito, Ecuador. I have known Francisco Guayasamin for just over a year now.

Francisco Guayasamin has helped me find an apartment, has given me tours of Quito and the Mitad del Mundo (The Middle of the World park at the Equator), and has helped me many times with medical problems that I have had. He has accompanied me to doctors, translated for me and even helped me at home when I was laid up with a broken leg.

I have talked with many people who have used him for a tour guide and everyone I have talked with seemed to be very happy with him. I also know one man who bought a condo down here with Francisco’s help. Francisco assisted him in finding the condo and getting him together with an attorney and even ran some papers around to get them certified for the lawyer.

I would recommend Francisco to anyone who comes to Ecuador as a tour guide and as a helper with moving here and setting up you life as a retiree.

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  1. What paperwork is needed for dual-citizenship my sweet tour guide?

    Looked at my Ecuador pictures thinking of my private tour guide. I wish I would have hugged you more than I did. You are so huggable.

    Between Cuenca and Quito, where should I call home? I love Ecuador so much. I fell in love with what the country has to offer. Is it easy to learn the transportation system?

    I want you to be my Ecuador Daddy. Then when I have problems I can call you and say, "Daddy, what does this mean?"